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Meet Victoria Gorham

Meet Everyday hero and CASA Advocate: Victoria Gorham

Victoria just finished her first case with CASA serving an older youth in foster care and is excited to take her next case soon! She is employed at Grooms Office Environments where she works as a commercial furniture dealer and interior designer. She first learned about CASA from a Rotaract meeting presentation that explained what a Court Appointed Special Advocate’s role was. She knew immediately that she wanted to get involved! Victoria had been looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity when hearing about CASA, so it seemed like a perfect fit. She was really interested in working with an older youth in foster care who was in need of a consistent adult in their life. Victoria feels that she has made a difference in a child’s life by showing up consistently for her assigned youth. Even when it was just a text or a call checking in with the youth to let her know I was thinking of her, it made a huge impact on her. For anyone thinking about getting involved in CASA, Victoria shares that your eyes will be opened to needs that you may not be aware of in our community. She shares, “I do believe you need some thick skin to be a CASA, but if you can be caring and as empathic as possible throughout the process you can mutually benefit from the relationship. I think looking at it as a mentor/friendship as well as an advocate has been really helpful in guiding my responses and interactions and I look forward to seeing how being a CASA will take me from here.”

Outside of CASA and Grooms, Victoria loves to stay busy and try new things. She is usually traveling somewhere new or meeting up with friends to try out a new restaurant or brewery. She also enjoys playing tennis and hanging out with her pup, Boise.

We want to thank Victoria for her exceptional work as a Court Appointed Special Advocate in 2021! We are so excited to see the difference you will continue to make in the 417!

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