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What is the Phat Muscle Project?

The PHAT Muscle Project is a family owned business created by John Gorman, Jay Gorman and Leslie Franklin. John and Leslie have spent years in the fitness community working with people of all shapes, sizes, genetics, builds, goals, desires, and dreams to achieve their BEST physique or potential. They realized that 99% of people who train in the gym are not genetically elite, and they are constantly striving to overcome odds to become their best version of themselves. The PHAT Muscle Project is a movement that salutes that 35 year old mom working to lose 30 lbs, or that skinny kid who has trouble putting on muscle, and yes even body builders who step on stage or elite athletes. We are ALL our own project to become our best, that's what being part of the PHAT Muscle Project signifies.

Proud to be a sponsor Lift Up A Child and to support the CASA of Southwest Missouri mission.

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